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Create a Commission Policy

Commission Policies are created by first defining the Filters that need to me met for this Policy to be used. This can be as simple as whenever the Action is an Acquisition, Click, Lead etc.

However you can add many other filters into this Filters section for more properties on the event such as the Device (Mobile, Tablet, PC etc) of the visitor, the Operating System of the visitor, the Payment Method used etc.

This allows you to setup different Commission Policies to match the terms you offer your Publishers for the Commission amounts.


Enter the Filters that are relevant for the Commission Policy you are creating and click on Apply Filters to display the Countries list:



This list allows you to set the Commission rate for All Countries, and optionally define different rates for certain countries.


Click into the Commission field and enter either a value amount e.g. $20 or a percentage amount e.g. 20% depending on the commission policies you want to offer to your Publishers by default. On entering this amount this will update the Policy and apply this amount to all Countries:



You can update the Commission rate for a specific Country by browsing to that Country in the list and updating the amount:



This will create Policies for the entered Filters, with the set amounts:



Continue adding as many Commission Policies as are needed at this level in the same way.

By adding more filters your Poclicies can get even more specific, so you might have multiple policies in place, and only the most specific (where the action properties meet the most rules) will be used.