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Create a Reversal Policy

Reversal Policies can be created by defining the filters for your Reversal Policy which are the Country of the visitor and the Platform of the visitor.

This allows you to set different Reversal Policies for different countries and for different platforms:



Once you have defined these filters you can enter an optional Description and define a Reason for this reversal policy. This can be set to Any - so will apply to all reversals, or can be set to Chargeback, Cancellation or Fraud in which case this Policy would only apply to reversals with that reason defined against them.


The Accept Days will define the number of days in which the reversal needs to be completed within, for the Policy to be triggered. If the Reversal is outside of this number of days then the policy will not be triggered. This allows you to ensure that only reversals that happen fairly soon after the acquisition will have an effect on your Publisher Commission.



The Fee can be set to ensure you are charging the Publisher for the reversal. This is often used to cover any admin costs related to the Sale occurring and then being Reversed.



Finally you can set the Commission Percentage. This will default to 100% but can be set to any percentage. This determines how much of the commission paid to the Publisher for the initial Acquisition will be reversed when this Policy is triggered. For instance you might want to only reverse 75% of the commission, as the Publisher did still send you traffic so can keep some of their commission accordingly.



Once you have defined the settings on the Policy click on the Create Reversal option to create this Policy.


Create as many other Reversal Policies as you need with the different settings to ensure whatever criteria the reversal has, a policy will be triggered.