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Create a Traffic Block Policy

Traffic Blocks are used to block specific traffic types, for instance from unsupported devices or countries. 


Traffic Blocks can be filtered to specific Brands or Campaigns, and also have the option of filtering by SID, allowing you to block all traffic from all campaigns, where SID 2 = a set value for instance:



The Action can be set to denote the type of traffic you want to block, and you can then define the Country or Platfrom your want to block traffic for:



You can also set content for the Browser, Language or Operating System here, allowing you to filter your traffic block even further, ensuring you only block the specific traffic you do not want getting through to your site.


The Description field is optional but is helpful if you have multiple Traffic Blocks to quickly give an overview of what this Policy is blocking:



You can define a Redirect URL which visitors will be sent to if this Traffic Block policy is triggered, this could be back to a homepage or a custom landing page, or back to Google for instance.


Finally you can optionally enter a Block Message which will be presented to the visitors following the campaign link, to detail why this traffic has been blocked: