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Viewing Customer Payments

To view Customer Payments select Accounts from the Navigation Menu and then find the Customer you want to view by entering the name or email address in the search field:




From within the Customer record, click on the Billing tab to view all Billing information for this Customer:



You can access all Billing Information in the navigation menu on the left and can select Payments from this menu to view all Payments from this Customer:



There is a search option to find Payments on a specific date or search via an Order Hash, Invoice ID, amount etc.


You can also view all Payments in date order in the Payment History section.


You can click through to the Order or Invoice this payment is for by using the links in the Description as a quick way of viewing what each Payment was for.


You can also take some actions against a Payment:


Open Dispute - This allows you to open a Dispute case; these are usually pre-cursors to Chargebacks, or the first notification you might have is that a Chargeback has been applied.


Import Refund - If you have had notification from a gateway the a refund has taken place which was not the result of a Chargeback and was not originated in Fortifi, you can import the refund from the gateway by entering the Refund transaction ID


Refund - This allows you to create a refund for this Payment. You can set an amount to refund (this will default to the full amount of the transaction) and determine if this is a Refund or a Refund and Credit, and enter in a Reason for the Refund