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An Overview of Fortifi Messenger

With Fortifi Messenger you can set up a full Email Campaign to automate your engagement with your customers, and using our Filter system you can segement your customers in whatever way you want.


The top level of the Messenger system is Lists. You can create as many lists as you like and can use the Filters in Settings on the list to start segmenting your customers. For instance you might want a list for Paid Customers and a list for Free Customers


Within a List you can create Campaigns. These Campaigns can be either:

Mailshots - one off messages sent to the recipients of that list either immediately or at a scheduled time.

Mailshot messages can be cloned and edited so you can quickly output things like monthly newsletters etc


Auto Responders - Messages set to trigger off the back of an Event in Fortifi such as a Customer being created or an Order being Completed

Auto Resoinders can contain many messages from one event, with Offsets in place so you could send a Message at the point a Customer signs up, then another 1 day later to check how they are doing, then another a week after sign up to continue engagement with the customer automatically.


At every stage of the Messenger system, List, Campaign and Message you can assign Filters.

This allows you to segment your accounts in whatever segment you want, for example you can create a List filtered to Paid Customers, with an Auto Responder campaign triggering on Order Complete. 
Then within that Campaign, have multiple messages with their own filters set, so one Message could go our if the Order contains product A with information specific to that product. Another Message could be sent if the Order contains product B etc.


The fantastic thing about using Filters at the Point that the message is sent, is that you will never have a Message going to a Customer when it shouldn't.


For instance you might have a Prospects list which only contains Accountss in the Prospect Lifecycle stage. You might then have an Auto Responder campaign set up on the Event Account Created, and Messages within this sent to sent at point of creation, a few days later, a week later etc, each with different content driving that Prospect towards purchasing.


At the point that Prospect purchases, you don't want to send them any further Prospect Messages. To achieve this, when they Purchase their lifecycle status is changed to Customer. At that point they are immediately removed from the Prospect List and added to the Customer List.


This has a huge benefit of giving you the confidence that Customers will only ever get relevant Messages, and you don't have to worry about editing Recipient Lists.