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An overview of Custom Properties

Fortifi has a great deal of fields to store information about your Customers, Subscriptions, Orders etc.


However there may be information relavent specifically to your Organisation which you would like to store against a Customer or a Subscription. For instance a Communications company selling mobile telephone subscription plans might want to add some custom properties onto the Subscription for the Device the subscription is being used on, the earliest upgrade date etc.

A Software company selling Antivirus software might want a Custom Property agains the customer to fill in how many devices the Antivirus software is installed on for instance.


Storing custom property information in your CRM is fantastic to allow quick access to information your users need to know about your customers when interacting with them.
However custom properties are used within the Messenger system as filters to segment your customers into different recipient groups. This is really useful as you can then determine which Custom Properties to set with a mindset of segmenting your customer base in Messenger using that property.


Custom Properties within Fortifi are available on all areas of Fortifi (Customer, Order, Invoice, Subscription etc) and are unlimited so you can create as many Custom Properties as you want within the system to store as much information as you want about your customers, subscriptions etc.

Custom properties can be created as Flags, free text fields, strict lists of pre-defined values or counters for numeric values and can be organised into Property groups so that they are categorised within Fortifi.


As well as being available to be updated and read by users in Fortifi, custom property fields can be set or updated via API calls into the system, so there is flexibility in the way in which this information is stored or read.