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Online Ticket View

Your customers can view their Support Ticket in an Online Ticket View, allowing them to see the entire history of the Support Ticket and reply directly, rather than using their email client. This can be accessed via a link to the Online Ticket View which is output in the footer of Support Ticket Emails.

The Setting to send a link to the Online Ticket View in Support Tickets is enabled by default but can be set in the Brand Settings page.


When the recipient of the Support Ticket follows this link they will get access to the Online Ticket View, which is displayed on a subdomain (Support) of your domain for this Brand, so it feels like a part of your site.




This Online Ticket View displays your Brand Name, Avatar and is coloured using the Brand colours, ensuring this feels like an extension of your Support features for your customers. The Avatar and Brand Colours can be defined in the Branding settings within this Brand.


Customers can scroll back through the entire history of this Support Ticket within this portal, and can also click in the "Send a Message" box to form a reply to the Support Ticket. When they send this message it is received in Fortifi as a reply to the Support Ticket in the same way that it would be if the customer had sent the reply through their email client.