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Add an Employee

To create a new Employee record in Fortifi, click on Employees from the navigation menu:



A list of your Current Employees will be shown and if you have not yet created any Employees then only the Admin account will be shown in the list. There is an Add Employee tab you can click to create a new employee record:



Clicking on the Create Employee tab will allow you to fill in the required information to add a new Employee record. You will need to fill in the email address of the employee, and set them a password (they can change this when they log in). They will have a User Type where you can select whether this Employee would have an Administrator account or not.

The username will be automatically filled in from the email address, but this can be overwritten if you would prefer it to be something else.

Finally you can enter in a First Name and Last name for the Employee and then click Create Employee:



This will create the Employee record however it currently will not have any roles, so these will need to be added to provide the employee with some permissions