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Messenger Options

The Messenger Options allow you to control elements of how the Messenger Application works.

The Email Service can be set here. Any Email Service that you have setup in the Organisation Settings will be visible in this drop down list to select which Email Service Messenger messages (Auto Responders and Mailshots) should use:



You can leave this set to use the Default Email Service to use the Organisation Default service or you can set this to a specific Email Service.



The Opt In Status allows you to define what level of Opt In on your contacts you want to send messages to by default. This can be overridden on a Message by Message basis, but the setting here will determine the default.

This can be set to No, Clicked or Confirmed.


No - Messages will go to all recipients regardless of their prior engagement opt in status, even if they have no prior opt in.

Clicked - Messages will only go to recipients who have previously clicked on a message so have an opt in status of Clicked.

Confirmed - Messages will only go to recipients who have specifically confirmed their email address so have an opt in status of Confirmed.


Typically you would want Auto Responders for actions in the system to go to the user regardless of their Opt In status, for instance Order Confirmation messages or Account Created Messages.

For Mailshots you may want to adhere to GDPR guidelines and only send to recipients who have previously Confirmed their interest in your Mailshots. 




The Conversion Source can be set to Marketing or Orders. This details how Fortifi determines a Conversion from a message that has been sent. Your conversion metric details how Messages return acquisitions. If the Conversion source is set to Marketing then the Conversion metric is built by Marketing acquisitions from a visitior within 3 hours of a Message being sent to that visitor. If set to Orders then this is similar but the metric is built from Orders being completed from the visitor after a message has been sent to them.