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Workflow Rule Type

The Workflow Rule Types allow you to control how multiple rules in a Workflow work.


There are three options you can set in the Rule Type, Required, One of or One of Property.


The Required rule type means that this rule has to be met in order for this workflow to trigger, regardless of whether one or more other rules on this workflow are met.

For example you might have two rules:


The 'Brand Email' 'starts with' 'support@' and this is 'Required'

The 'Subject' 'contains' 'Urgent'.


Because the Brand Email rule is set to Required, the workflow will only ever trigger if that rule is met, regardless of whether the Email Subject Rule is met.


You might want to ensure that multiple Rules are met and validated in order for a Workflow to Trigger, for example:


A Support Ticket has been sent to an email adddress which starts with support@ and the Subject is like "Urgent"

In order to do this you would create two rules in the Workflow:



This would only trigger if both of these rules are validated. This allows you to get very specific with your Workflows to allow them to run only in very specific circumstances.


The One Of rule type essentially makes the Rule optional. It means if this Rule or another Rule in the Workflow are matched then the Workflow will run.

For instance if you wanted the workflow to run if the Email starts with 'support@' or if the subject contains 'Ugent' then you would set these rule types to One Of:



The final Rule Type is One Of Property. This allows you to set multiple rules up against the same property, and the workflow will run if the property matches any of those rules.


For instance if you had a Rule for if the "Brand Email starts with support@" and also one for if the "Brand Email starts with critical@", one Support Ticket cannot match both of these Rules. However with One Of Property Type the Workflow will trigger if the single Property "Brand Email" matches either of these defined Rules: