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Publisher Paycheck Settings

The Publisher Paycheck Settings will be inherited by default by any Paycheck Settings defined at the Global or Foundation levels.

However you of course can have different arrangements with individual Publishers which change the frequency or minmum payout amounts that should be used.


As such within a Publisher click on the Finance tab and select Paycheck Settings from the navigation menu:



The Paycheck Settings will be displayed for this Publisher. They will be defaulted from the Foundation or Global settings so will be visible as to what they are set to, but greyed out indicating they are the default settings:



You can override these defaults and set specific settings for this Publisher by entering new values into these fields, for instance changing the Minimum Payout level or the Reserve percentage or days:



You can also change the Frequency entirely for this Publisher if you want, changing them to daily, or monthly etc:



Once you have made the required changes Save this Paycheck Policy.