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Foundations are groups for your Publishers, allowing you to create Policies and Paycheck Settings which provide defaults for all Publishers within that Foundation.


To manage Foundations or create new ones, click on the Organisation Menu and then Organisation Settings:



Click on the Marketing tab and select Foundations from the navigation menu:



Your existing Foundations will be listed, and you can click to view any Policies or Publishers assigned to an existing Foundation.


You can also click on the Create Foundation option to add a new Foundation.


Enter a display name for this Foundation


This will create the Foundation but currently it will not have any Policies or Paycheck Settings.


Click on the View Policies link agains the Foundation you have created:



At this point you can create Policies or edit Paycheck settings in the same way as you can against a Publisher or in Global Settings.


You can then assign Publishers to this Foundation to have these settings default on that Publisher.