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Global Paycheck Settings

To setup the Marketing Paycheck settings click on the Organisation menu to open the Organisation Settings:



Then click on Marketing to open the Marketing Settings and select Paychecks from the navigation menu:



This will open the Paycheck Settings to allow you to define your Organisation standard Paycheck Settings:



The Minimum Payout field allows you to define the amount of commission that has to be reached in order for a Paycheck to be generated:



This can be set to any payout amount you want, and at the point where Paychecks are generated, each Publisher will be checked for their current unpaid commission. If it meets or is greater than the Minimum Payout amount then the Paycheck will be generated. If the unpaid commission is below this amount, no paycheck will be generated and the commission will remain unpaid until the next scheduled time for paychecks to be generated.


The Reserve and Reserve days fields work in conjunction to adjust the commission payout amounts to allow for any reversals of sales and to provide a cooling off period:



When a Paycheck is generated, that set amount of percentage of the Paycheck amount will be reserved from the Paycheck and held for the entered number of Reserve days. Once this number of days has been exceeded, this reserve amount will be released and added to the next generated Paycheck for this Publisher.


The Frequency defines how often the paychecks will be generated. The Frequency field can be set to Day, Week or Month.


When set to Day you can define the frequency in days apart the Paychecks will be generated:



When set to Week you can define the frequecy in weeks that the Paychecks will be generated and also determine the Days on the week that this will be run:



When set to Month you can define the dates of the month that the Paychecks will be generated. This might be one one day a month, or twice a month for instance on the 1st and 16th etc:



The Payment Delay Days is a way of allowing for a full refund to your customers without worrying that you will already have paid commission out for the leads:



The days defined in the Payment Delay Days will be used to determine when a transaction is eligable for commission.

For instance with this set to 30 days, a transaction made on the 15th of the month will not generate any commission for the Publisher until the 15th of the following month.

Typically you would set this to the number of days that you offer a full refund to your customers.