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Create Product Groups

Product Groups can used to Group products together. This is useful in a variety of ways including:

  • In Messenger you can filter based on whether a product is in a Group, allowing you to send Order or Subscription Messages only if Products are in a certain group.
  • In your Order form you can use Product Group to retrieve a set of Products easily just by using the Group
  • You can set Custom Properties against a Product Group. Those Properties would then be inherited by all Products that are in that Group
  • You can create Offer Codes or Coupons and assign those to a specific Product Group. That is an easy way to limit the Offer to any Products within a Group.

In order to Apply a Product to a Group you can either do this from within a Product, or from within the Product Group but first you will need to create a Product Group.

Click on Products from the navigation menu and then click on the Groups tab. All exisitng Groups will be displayed here and there is a button to Create a Group:



Click Create Group and enter the Display Name, Description and select a Product Group Type for this Product Group. The Type is the same as the Product Types and allow you to restrict the Group to Products of that Type:



This will create the Product Group and allow you to add any Products of that Product Type to the Group with the Plus Icon next to the Products in the "Add Products To Group" section:



This will add the Product to the Group, and you can also remove products from the "Current Group Products" section by clicking the cross icon: