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Provisioning products

For certain products you may need the sale of these to go through a Provisioning step. If you are selling products which need to be setup on a third party, you will want to only Complete the Order in Fortifi and start the Subscription, once you have confirmation from the third party that the Product has successfully been setup there.


An example of this would be for Web Hosting companies that want to register Domains. You might use Enom to register the Domain and would only want to Complete the Order and set up the Subscription in Fortifi once Enom has confirmed that the Domain has been registered.


We provide this functionality by adding the Provisioning step.


In Products you can optionally define a Product Manager. In the above example this would be set to Enom.


When you sell the Product you can define the needed information in Product Properties and Fortifi will automatically send this information off to the service defined in the Product Manager field during the Order.


At this point the Order will be in the Provisioning state and the Subscriptions will not yet be active.


Once the third party service has given a positive response to their setup, the Order in Fortifi will move on to the Complete state and the Subscriptions will be set to Active