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Add a Fraud Checking Service for Orders

Within Fortifi we integrate with various Fraud Checking services to allow information on Orders to be sent off to third party Fraud Checking Services.

These will be used when Orders are submitted, and any returned recommendations and information will be displayed on the Fraud Check page.

This information can be used in Workflows to automatically approve or decline Orders based on the Recommendation from Fraud Checking Services or the Fraud Score that is returned.


To add a third party Fraud Checking service Open the System menu and open Organisation Settings:



Click on the Finance tab to enter Finance Settings:



Your list of Fraud Services will be listed here and you can create new Fraud Services by clicking the Create Fraud Service button:



When you click to Create a new Fraud Service you can enter a name, then define the Service Type. Select the Fraud Service you have an account with in the Service Type, and se the Environment to the evironment you want to connect to, typically Live or Test depending on the settings on your Fraud Service account.

Click Save and you can then edit the Fraud Service and enter the Licence Key for your Fraud Service account.