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Custom Properties

Custom Properties can be created against all areas of Fortifi.

To create a Custom Property open the Organisation Settings and click on Properties:



All Property Groups will be listed in the Navigation on the left and below this each area in Fortifi will be listed out under Properties:



Clicking on any of these areas will show you all Custom Properties within that area of the system and allow you to create new Properties:



When creating a New Property you can define the Display Name and the key will automatically populate from this, and ou can optionally add a Description.


The Property Group will allow you to select which Group this Property should be in. Property Groups allow you to categorize Properties.


The Type allows you to define how this Property can be populated:


Flag - This is a simple True or False toggle

Strict Value - This is a drop down list with defined values

Validated Value - This allows you to set some regex validation against the property that the value must match

Relaxed Value - This is a free text entry box that can contain any value

Secure Value - This allows entry to the property but entry is masked and this is hidden within Fortifi so the value cannot be read out

Counter - This is a numeric counter that can be set to a value.



Once the Custom Properties have been defined they can be populated on the area of Fortifi that they have been created for: