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Create Anonymize Requests

GDPR requirements now state that customers should be able to ask for data anonymization based on the Right to be Forgotten.

This involces removing of personal identifiable information from accounts so that this customer becomes permantently anonymous.


Fortifi caters for this GDPR requirement with Anonymize Requests.

If an Employee has the permission to Create Anonymize Requests, either inherited through an assigned Role, or directly granted, then they can create Anonymize Requests within a Customer.

To do this they can open the Account and on the Overview page, click on the Privacy navigation menu:


This will show any existing Anonymize Requests for this Account and if the Employee has access, also any Subject Access Requests:

There is also an option to click on New Request.



This will open a pop up where you can detail what Personal Identifiable data for this account should be Anonymized. By default All data will be selected to Anonymize, but it could be that only the Email Addresses for instance have been requested to be anonymized, so you could uncheck All and type email into the field to select just that data.
In this way you can build a list of the different data that you want in this Anonymize Request and then can click on Create to submit this request:


Once this has been submitted, this can be viewed on the Customer Privacy page and this will display the state of this Request. This will be in the Requested State until it has been Approved or Declined by a Manager. The employee will have the option to cancel this Anonymize Request if they want using the Cross option: