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Create an Employee

Each Fortifi user in your Organisation will need an Employee record to allow them to login and take actions in Fortifi.

The access to different areas of Fortifi and actions they can perform are governed by permissions granted to the Employee. These can be inherited from Employee Roles or can be granted specifically to the Employee.

To Create an Employee, as a system administrator click on Employees and click on Add Employee in the navigation menu:



You can enter the employees email address, first name, last name, username and password. The password will have to adhere to the Password Security Settings for your Organisation. You can also define the User Type for this Employee, setting this to Employee or Administrator.



Clicking Create will add this Employee. Once this has been created you will need to add at least one Employee Role to this Employee to define what areas of the system they have access to and what actions they can take.


To add this click on the Click Here option in the Employee Roles section:



You can then select the Role or Roles to assign to this Employee:



With some Roles assigned this Employee will be able to log in to Fortifi and access the relevant areas