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Action Options

Inbound Actions have options available that can be applied to the inbound event in order to change the default behaviour, for instance an Option could be added to a click to redirect the visitor to a specific Landing Page.

To Edit or Create an option, browse to the Action and click on the Options icon:



This will display the list of Action Options you currently have and provide a button to Create a new Option.



Click Create Option to start entering the Option details.

Enter a Display Name that is descriptive of this option as this can be seen by your Publishers.

The Key will auto populate based on the display name but it can optionally be changed, ensuring it is changed to a simple unique string.

The Destintion key will also auto populate from the Display Name:




The visibility can be set for this option from a drop down list which details how advertisers can influence this option:

  • Public visibility will allow the option to be changed via querystring of the original link. This means values can change per request.
  • Protected visibility will allow the advertiser to manage their endpoints within their campaigns.
  • Private visibility will allow this option to be set internally and through policies, meaning you could apply the switch to a specific advertiser or language, without allowing the advertiser to change this.

The Value Type can also be set from a drop down list which details the content that can be provided for this option (i.e. for a Landing Page this would be a String):

  • String type allows the value to be set to any generic string
  • Boolean type restricts the value to true or false.
  • Number type restricts the value to be set to any numeric value.
  • Array type allows you to specify a set of specific values for this endpoint. Specify these values in the Array Values field using a comma separated list of your array values. Alternatively you can specify the list in a querystring format for a key value array, e.g. key=Display&key2=name

The URL Type dictates what part of the URL is edited with this opton:

  • URL: Use this option to replace the entire product link with this endpoint value.
  • PATH : This option will append your endpoint value to the end of the product URL
  • QUERYSTRING: This option will add your endpoint value as querystring to the product URL
  • FRAGMENT: Using this option will add your endpoint value to the product URL as a fragment

Default Value (optional)
This value will be used for the endpoint by default. The type of this value must conform to the Value Type you set above.

Click Save Options to create or edit this option and make it available to be set against Actions