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Adding and Managing Domains

A Brand can have multiple domains and these can be managed in the Domains section. All of your existing Domains are listed here and there is a Create Domain option above this list to allow you to create a new Domain:



To add a new Domain click on the Create Domain option. This will open the Create Domain page which will ask you to enter the Domain name and there is an option to select whether you would like this new Domain to be set as the Default Domain or not:



This will add the new Domain into your list of Domains and this will need to be Verified.


By clicking on the View icon next to a Domain you can manage the reCAPTCHA settings for this Domain, the Mailboxes and Cookies:



The reCAPTCHA settings are used for submitting Support Tickets via the Support Pages and can be set to require customers to complete this before a ticket will be submitted.

The Mailboxes you set against a Domain allow us to assign Support Tickets sent in on the defined email address to this domain automatically.

The Cookies settings allow you to determine the number of days the cookies will be active for and any cookie login algorithm.