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Set DNS settings on your domain

In order to pass traffic to Fortifi and allow some of the Customer facing applications in Fortifi to work, we allow you to configure your DNS on your domain to point some sub domains to Fortifi.

Doing this allows a seamless experience to your Customers, they always stay on your domain and stay engaged with you, but you are able to offer them the functionality in Fortifi.


Which DNS settings to update on your domain depends on which applications you want to use within Fortifi.


Default Hostname Alternative Hostnames CNAME
publisher. affiliates, aff, affiliate, publishers
url. track, link, click
support. help, knowledge
mail. -
chat. livechat


If you are using the Marketing application you can provide your publishers a login to their own control panel, to view their reports, manage their campaigns and create pixels among other features. To allow Fortifi to provide this feature on your domain you need to set your DNS settings to have a hostname redirect to our CNAME of

Also within the Marketing application you will want to track traffic going through your Publisher campaigns so you need to ensure the tracking hostname is setup to redirect to our CNAME of

If you are using the Support application and want to provide a Support page on your domain for customers to access your Knowledge Base and create Support Tickets, you need to setup the hostname in your DNS to redirect to our CNAME of

Also in the Support application you can make use of our Live Chat feature by setting your chosen hostname to redirect to our CNAME of

If you are using the Messenger application then we use tracking to detail when a Message has been Opened or Clicked on etc. To enable this set your hostname of mail. to forward to our CNAME of


With these DNS settings in place and propagated the subdomains you have selected will display the Fortifi applications.