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Apply the Conversion Tracking Pixels to your website

With your DNS settings configured any click traffic will be directed to Fortifi for tracking before hitting your domain.

You will also want to track any Leads, Acquisitions, Renewals and Upsells that occur on your site to see what impact your marketing click traffic is having on your site.

Whilst this can be done via the API there is also a very straight forward method to tracking these further actions in Fortifi.


Within your Brand Settings you can view a list of all Actions. If you click the Edit option against these Actions you will see the Tracking Conversion Pixel for that action:




Copy the Conversion Tracking Pixel for each action that you want to track and place these onto your Domain page where you want each action to take place.

For instance if you want to track Leads, you may have a confirmation page that is displayed when a visitor completes some information on your site such as entering an email address and name, enough information about them that you can then consider them a Lead. In this instance you would place the Lead Action Conversion Tracking Pixel onto the webpage body of the confirmation page. This will then be triggered each time that page is loaded by a visitor, and so will track your leads.