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Manage Support Queues

You can manage and create Queues within Departments in Fortifi to further categorise your Support Tickets, Live Chats and Phone Interactions. Employees can be set to only have visibility of certain Queues within Departments, so you can focus your employees on Interactions they can deal with.


To manage and create new Queues open the Organisation Settings and click on the Support Page:



Then click on Queues:



You will first need to choose which Department you are going to manage the Queues for. Click on the Department you want to manage:



Once you have clicked into the Department you want to manage you will see all the Queues currently in that Department:



You can edit existing Queues by clicking the View Icon or clicking on the Queue name. You can then edit the Queue Display Name, Description, Email Address and Email Name. The Email address set here is important as if there is one set, any outbound Support Tickets created within Fortifi will use the set Email Address from the assigned Queue:



To Create a new Queue, from the list of Queues click on the Create Queue Option:



Enter a Display Name and Description for the Queue and click Create Queue.

This new Queue will now appear in the list of Queues and can be edited as above in order to modify the name or description, and also to optionally enter an Email Address or Email Name.