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Create Live Chat Canned Responses

Canned Responses in Live Chat allow your Support Agents to select from a pre-filled template to quickly complete a response to a customer. This is really useful for frequently used phrases, for instance if you always ask your customers at the beginning of each Live Chat to provide you some specific information about thier account with you, this can be setup as a canned response.


To create a Canned Response for Live Chat, open the System Menu and select System Settings, then click on Support:



From here click on the Canned Responses menu item.


Browse to the area you want this Live Chat Canned Response to be created in and click on Create Canned Response.


When you click on Create Canned Response enter a name for the Canned Response, and then select Chat for the Type of Canned Response:



Then complete the Canned Response Template, making use of any of the Quick Replacement fields to have the Canned Response autocomplete when used with things like the recient name.


When this is complete click on Create Canned Response.


This Canned Response will then be visible for use for any Live Chat within the department this Canned Response was created in.