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Managing multiple Live Chats

When dealing with Live Chats its very possible that the customer you are speaking with may take some time to respond to you. As a result you may find you are simply waiting for a response when you could be answering other Live Chats and helping more customers.


In Fortifi you can claim multiple Live Chats to work on any number at one time.


To claim multiple Live Chats, when you are viewing a Live Chat you are dealing with you see a notification indicator on the Plus icon for any new Live Chats that are unclaimed and waiting. You can click on this Plus icon to view the List of waiting Live Chats:



By clicking on the Topic of another outstanding Live Chat, you will claim this Chat as well, and you will see that you will have multiple Chat Bubbles available in your list:



You can now click on these different Live Chat bubbles to switch between your claimed Live Chats, replying to each in turn.


If you are working on a Live Chat or are viewing the list of waiting Live Chats and one of your claimed Live Chat receives a message as the customer has responded, you will see a notification of the number of unread messages on the Live Chat appear against the Chat Bubble:



This allows you to manage multiple Live Chats at once, switching between them as the you get the notifications that a customer has responded.