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Set a Follow Up Period for a Support Ticket

Tickets within Fortifi have different states that determine who is taking the next action on the Support Ticket.


For instance an Open Ticket sits in the Support Ticket queue to be worked on by a Support Agent.


The Resolved status however indicates a Support Ticket that is complete and needs no further response from either Agent or Customer.


When you send a Support Ticket Reply the Status is set to Pending Reply as this ticket is now awaiting a response from the customer.


As such the Support Agents will no longer see this in their lists of Support Tickets to work on.


It might be that you want to ensure any Support Tickets that have been replied to, but have not had a response from a customer after a reasonable period of time are set to Open again, so Agents can work on them - either sending a further follow up to the customer or resolving them due to a lack of contact.


To offer this Fortifi has the Follow Up feature on the Support Tickets.


When sending a Support Ticket reply you can define a Follow Up Period. This can be any number of minutes, hours, days or weeks.


Select the Period and then enter the number to configure your Follow Up Period:



Once this time has been reached, if the Ticket is still in the Pending Reply state it will be set to Open so your Agents will be able to work on it again.