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In order to ensure your Publishers get the correct commission for the traffic they send you, you need to ensure that Policies are defined against them.


They will automatically inherit any set Global Policies, and any Policies defined at the Foundation level, but you can also set Policies specific to this Publisher to reflect any unique agreements you have with them.


To see what Policies a Publisher currently has inherited from Global Policies or Foundations, or to see what Publishers Specific Policies this Publisher has you can use the toggle on the Policies page:



The Inherited and Publisher Specific Policies work on a Priority order; Publisher Specific Policies are the higest priority so will always be attempted first. If none of the filters on Publisher Specific Policies are met, then Foundation Policies are attempted. If no Foundation Policies are matched then the Global Policies will be attempted.


In this way you can set a Global Policy default, then set Foundation Policies which will override these, and if you have a Publisher which has different policies to all other Publishers in that Foundation, you can use Publisher Specific Policies to override both the Foundation and Global policies.