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Create a Pixel

You can create Pixels against your Campaigns to allow external servers to track visitors and attribute these to Publishers.


Global Pixels can be created in the Marketing Settings which will apply to all Campaigns on all Publishers in addition to any set on an individual Publisher.


To create a Pixel in a Publisher click on the Settings tab and click on Pixels from the Navigation menu:



On the Pixels settings click on the Create Pixel option. You can define a Display Name for the Pixel, which should be descriptive for your employees but also for Publishers as they can make use of these in their Publisher Control Panel.


Next you can define the Pixel Type:



Inline Frame, Image, Javascript, Curl or HTML


The type selected will usually be determined by the third party looking to track these actions. Inline Frame, Image, Javascript and HTML are all returned and placed on your webpage. Curl pixels are sent on the action being triggered directly from Fortifi.


The Action allows you to determine the action which will trigger this Pixel; Lead, Acquisition etc.


The URL is where you enter the URL of the external server where the actions need to be tracked, typically the third party will provide this:



The next configuration options allow you to define the Country and Campaign that this pixel should trigger for, as well as optionally defining a SID value that will need to be on the Action in order for this Pixel to Trigger:



Finally you can define any specific platfroms that this Pixel should trigger for:



With these configuration options you can define the specific settings of each Pixel to have them trigger in the exact circustances that your third party wants to track.


We also offer additional parameters that can be passed to your third party with the use of the Replacement Keys.

These are useful to pass further information through with a pixel. For instance your third party might want to track any acquisition action from the United States from a Smartphone, all of whcih is possible using the configuration options on the Pixel. But they might also want to know the Amount of each acquisition so to do this you would add the Replacement Key ##AMOUNT## to the URL e.g: