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Messenger Branding is used to apply a universal template to all Messages. This is typically used to add a footer for every message which contains the sender signature along with company logos and social media account links, registered address etc.


By adding all of this into a Brand template, should it change or you want to update it, you can do this in one location in the Brand Template, rather than having to edit every individual message.


You can also use Branding to enter full HTML of a template to dictate things like the background colour and font of the message.


To create a Brand Template, Open the Organisation Menu and Click on Settings:



Then click on Messenger to open the Messenger Settings:



Click on Branding to see all the existing Branding Templates for each Brand in Fortifi. Click on the Brand you want to edit and fill in the Branding Template content:



You can use the quick replacements to put in things like the Sender Name, Sender Signature etc. By using the Quick Replacements these become dynamic fields which are filled in at the point of the Message being sent:


With the Brand template saved it can optionally be used in all Messenger Messages