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Messenger Lists

Messenger Lists are the top level in Messenger and allow you to start segmenting your Customers or Publishers into different groups.


To create a List browse to Messenger from the Main Fortifi navigation menu and click on Lists:



This will list all current Messenger Lists and you can create a new List using the Create New List button:



Enter a name for the List and Choose the Target of this List. The Target determines the source of the Messages that will be sent from within this List. For instance Customer Created Messages would be triggered from the Customer Target. If you wanted to send Messages about Invoices that have been created or Paid you would select a Target of Invoices:



You will then be presented with the Details page of this list. If the Target of this List is Publishers or Cusomers, you will have the option to create Mailshots to these recipients.

All List Targets will offer the option of creating Auto Responders to send off when the Target entity is actioned (Invoice Created etc)

Finally you will have a Settings tab where you can define the Settings for this list:



In the List Details settings you can change the List Name and Description, and also change the Sender Account and Email Service if you want to. The Sender and Service will by default inherit through to all Mailshots and Auto Repsonders contained within this List.


On the Filters Settings you can add Filters to start segmenting your Customer / Publisher base to just those you want to include in this list. This can be as simple as setting the Customer Lifecycle in the Filters to just look at Prospects or Customers, or can be a full list of Filters to really get specific with the intended recipients for this List