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Support Options

The Support Options allow you control elements of how the Support application works.

The Email Service can be set here. Any Email Service that you have set up in the Organisation Settings will be visible in this drop down list to select which Email Service Support Tickets should use:




The Show Send button will control whether Support Agents get the option to Send a Support Ticket reply or just Send and Close a Support Ticket Reply:



On Support Tickets the agents will be given the default option to "Send and Close" a ticket which will send their reply and set the status of the Ticket to Closed. With the "Show Send Button" setting set to "Show", the agents will have another option on Support Tickets to just Send their reply, leaving the Ticket in the Pending Reply state:



The "Next ticket after Send" toggle determines how Support Agents interact with the Support Tickets dashboard. If this is Enabled then when an Agent click to Send or Send and Close a Support Ticket, they will immediately be presented with the next avvailable ticket for that Agent.

If this is Disabled then when a Support Agent clicks to Send or Send and Close a Support Ticket they will be presented with the Support Ticket list showing all tickets available to that Agent, allowing them to choose the next ticket to work on.



The Ticket Sort Order allows you to define the default sort order of the Support Tickets list. This can be set to the Age of the Ticket, the Priority of the Ticket, the SLA Response Time or the SLA Resolve Time on the ticket. The sort order can still be set on the Support Ticket list itself, but this controls the default sort order when the Support Ticket list is opened