Knowledge Base

Edit default Template pages

Within Fortifi we have created some default Templates for your Support page. These detail the Layout of the page along with how we display Knowledge Base Categories and Articles, and what the Contact forms look like etc.


These pages will be default pick up your Brand Logo and colours so will immediately feel part of your site:



However should you want to you can edit the HTML of these templates to change some of the layout or even replace this HTML to have this be completely in line with your main site.


To edit these templates, in Fortifi click on Brands from the navigation menu and then click on the Brand you want to edit. You will see Templates as a menu item within the Brand:



Within the Templates page you will see all of the individual Templates that you can edit or replace in the menu on the left, along with information on Variables you can use in these Templates.


The templates are broken out to allow easy changes on one area without effecting all templates, for instance you might want to change the Contact form but not anything else. By having this split out as its own template you can do this.

Clicking on any of the Templates will show you the current HTML for that template, and you are free to edit this.



Within the templates you can use lots of variables which will dynamically be replaced based on the page that is currently open. The Variables can be used to replace content in the template based on what page has been opened, for instnace you can use a variable to display the Article Breadcrumb on an Article page, and this will be replaced by the Breadcrumb for the currently open article: