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Publisher Paychecks

Fortifi offers an automatic Paycheck feature to allow easy management of paying your Affiliates commission.

The commission making up the paychecks will be influenced by the Policies set on Publishers.

Based on your Paycheck Settings, Paychecks will be generated on the dates you've selected, once the commission on a Publisher has exceeded the minimum payout limit you've set in your Paycheck settings.


Each Paycheck will be visible on the Publisher Control Panel so they will have full visibility of how much they will get on a Paycheck as well as the state of any Paycheck.


To have Fortifi auto generate Paychecks for your Pubishers you need to ensure the Paycheck Settings are in place, either using Global Paycheck settings or individual Publisher Paycheck Settings.

With the Paycheck Settings in place, you need to have Commission policies on the Publisher to start generating commission, either Global Policies or Publisher Specific Policies


With the above complete, Paychecks will be generated on the schedule in the Paycheck Settings, for any Publishers who have exceeded the minimum amount for Paychecks.


These Paychecks will then be available in the Publishers -> Paychecks page

This Page has a filter on it for the State of the Paychecks. By Default this will be set to Awaiting Approval and this will show all Paychecks which have yet to be approved.


The Available states a Paycheck can be set to are:

Awaiting Approval

First Approval


Awaiting Reference





All Paychecks will have buttons next to them to progress them through the Stages, such as Approve a Paycheck, Mark a Paycheck as Complete (Paid) etc:


To make paying Paychecks easy, when you have Paychecks in the Unpaid state, there is a Download BACS button in the top right hand corner allowing you to Download a Bacs Payment file for those outstanding Paychecks, which you can then import to your Bank.



This does require the Publsihers to have filled in their Bank Details in their Control Panel so the BACS file has account details to assign the payments to.