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Mailshots in Fortifi are used to send immediate or scheduled messages to a segment of customers.

These can be Campaigns sent out regularly such as newsletters, or one off promotional messages such as an information message ahead of a sale weekend to inform customers of discounts.


To create a Mailshot, first select the List to determine the recipients you want to send the Mailshot to.


Clicking into that List you can click on Mailshots and all existing Mailshots will be listed.


Clicking on Add New Mailshot will allow you to enter the Mailshot Name and confirm creation of the Mailshot:




With the Mailshot created you will be shown the Details tab of this Mailshot. You will see on this page any filters that have been inherited from the List level to segment the Customer base.


You also have the Reports tab to view reports on this Mailshot once one or more messages have been sent.

You can click on Settings at this point to change the Sender or Service for this Mailshot - These will have inherited from the List selected, but can be overridden here if for instance you want this Mailshot to come from a specific Sales Sender account  or use a specific email service as this will be a large volume mailshot etc.



You can also Add further filters at this Mailshot level in order to further segment your customers to just the desired Recipients of this Mailshot. 


For instance your List might be filtered to just your Paid Customers, and this Mailshot might then be filtered to just Paid Customers who have signed up for the Newsletter. You would add that additional filter at the Mailshot level.


Once you are happy with the Settings and Filters, click on the Messages tab to see all exisitng Messages within this Mailshot, and to create a new one with the Create Message button:



Enter the Message subject and some content. This is an option to quickly enter the bulk of the content for the message, you can still edit it once it has been created:



This will take you to the Message Details page.

This will list out all of the Filters inherited from the List and from the Mailshot level, as well as statistics that will be populated when the message is sent.


The Reports tab will also populate when this Message is sent.

The Compose tab allows you to edit the content of the Message:

You have the option to Enable or Disable Branding for this Message with the Branding toggle. Typically you would disable Branding if this Message should be sent with a unique or different style to your other messages.



You can also change the Sender for this Message Template here. This is typically used to allow different senders for Different Language Templates.



You can fill in Preview Text and define your Preview Mode - This is used in some Email clients like Google Mail to show the Preview line on an unopened email. If this isn't filled in this is taken from the content of the email and the first line is displayed, which is usually something like "Hi Recipient". By defining the Preview text you can control what is displayed by the email client before the Message is opened.



You can also create new Language Templates and edit the Subject and content of this Message.


The Attachments tab will allow you to upload attachements you want to go out with this message such as a PDF file.


Finally in the Settings tab you can define many of the same settings as the levels above, overiding the settings inherited from the Mailshot level such as Sender Account and Email Service.

You can also enter further filters to segment your recipient list even further should you wish to.


Once all the Settings have been defined and the message content has been edited this Message can be Scheduled or Sent.


On the Details tab there is a Message Status toggle which is currently set to Inactive:



Switching this to Active will update the green Test button in the top right to a green Send button:



Clicking this will send the Message.