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Workflow Rules

Workflow rules determine when a Workflow should run.


These allow you to completely customise the workflow to only run in specific circumstances.


For Example you might have hundreds of Support Tickets being opened daily. As such a Workflow setup on the Ticket Opened Trigger would run hundreds of times. However you may only want it to run for specific Support Tickets.

Rules let you set that criteria and restrict the workflow to only run when you want it to.


When you first open the Rules tab on a Workflow no rules will be setup, meaning this workflow if enabled would run for every object which hit this Workflow Trigger.


To add a rule you can use the Create Rule bar. This consists of 4 sections, the Property, the Comparator, the Value and the Type:




The Property is different depending on the Workflow Trigger you have selected, as each event in Fortifi will have different properties available against it. You can define the property of this rule in this field.

The comparator defines how the rule will validate the property to the value so can be set to comparators such as "Contains" or "Equal to"

The Value for what you are validating against can be entered into the Value field, this is what you expect the Property to contain or equal to in order for this Rule to be met

The Type defines whether this Rule is required for this Workflow to run, or whether it is one of many Rules that could be met to allow this Workflow to run.


With all of these fields set you can click on Create Rule and this will appear as a Rule for this Workflow.


The Create Rule bar is still available as you can create as many Rules as you want on this Workflow, so can make this Workflow as specific to a set criteria as you want.