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Advanced Ticket Search

If you need to find a specific Support Ticket within Fortifi there are a few ways to do this.


If you know the customer that this Support Ticket was created on you can browse to that customer and open the Interactions tab to view all of their historic interactions including the Support Ticket you are looking for:



Alternatively if you know the Support Ticket hash you can type this straight into the Ticket Hash search on the Support Ticket List page to find that specific Support Ticket:



Finally if you are not sure of the Customer the Support Ticket you are looking for is against, and you do not know the Support Ticket hash, you can use the Advanced Search function.


From the Support Tickets list page click on Advanced Search to open the Advanced Ticket Search panel:



You can set the Status of the Support Ticket, for instance if it is in Pending Reply you can set this here. You can also set this to Any if you do not know the status of the Support Ticket.

You can then add any other parameters for this Advanced Search for any other information you know about the Support Ticket you are trying to find. For instance you might know what the subject was or keywords that were in it, so you can select the parameter Subject, and use the Comparator Equals or Like to enter those words you know were in the Subject:



You can also add date based prameters to your search for instance you might know that the Support Ticket was updated within the last week, so you can use the Date Updated parameter and set this to 'was after 1 week ago':



Once you have entered all of the parameters you can, click on Search and any matching Support Tickets will be displayed in the results below the Advanced Search Panel: