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Messenger Filters

Message filters are available at all levels in Messenger (List, Mailshot / Auto Responder, Campaign and Message). Setting filters will segment the customer base down to a subset of recipients.

Setting the filters at List level will by default mean that all Mailshots / Auto Responsers, Campaigns and Messages within that list inherit those filters. This is useful to set a List for a subset of Customers for instance setting Customer Lifecycle to 'Customer' and Subscription Type to 'Paid' at the List level allows you to have a List just for Paid Customers:


Any Mailshots or Auto Responders created within this list will inherit these set filters.


At the Mailshot or Auto Responder level you can then add further filters to segment the recipient list even further.


As well as Customer attributes such as Lifecycle, Customer Properties can be set as Filters. These are the Custom properties defined against customers so this allows you to get very specific with the recipient list based on your Organisations Custom Properties.


The Filters available will be defined by the List Target. For instance if this is an Order List then the Order Attributes and Order Properties will also be available to set as Filters. For an Invoice Target then Invoice attribute and Property filters will be available:



Any Filters that you define at the List, Mailshot or Auto Responder, Campaign or Message level will be displayed on the Details page and will display if they are inherited filters or not:



Using Filters at each level you can get really specific with the segmentation of your Recipients for each Message.