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Add a Campaign

To add a Campaign for a Publisher, click into the Publisher record and click on the Campaigns tab. If you do not have any campaigns currently you will be presented with the option to Add a Campaign. You can select the Brand that this campaign will be for and provide this a display name:



Select which Brand this campaign will be for and fill in a Display Name for the campaign and click Create Campaign.


This will show you the campaign details including the Campaign Hash which can be used in API calls and the Tracking Link which will be provided to the Publisher to start pushing traffic to your site.

The Link Builder allows you to quickly generate links for different actions and custom SID values. By entering different values in the SID fields the link is automatically generated to be copied:



The Campaign Options can be set on the Campaign to add custom options to this campaign such as a landing page for traffic using this link. These options are defined in the Actions settings in Brand Settings.