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How do Workflows work?

Workflows are easy to get to grips with as there are just three elements to them, Triggers, Rules and Actions.


Firstly the Workflow Triggers - these are the actions which occur within Fortifi which you might want a workflow to run on, such as a Support Ticket being opened, a Customer being created or a fraud recommendation being returned on an order.


Once you have picked the Workflow Trigger you want to run a workflow on, you can give it a name and priority.


Then you need to define the Rules that need to be met to for this Workflow to run. This is where you can specifiy the exact situation you want this workflow to run in. For example you might only want the Support Ticket workflow to run if the inbound email address starts with "support".


Finally you can define the Actions this workflow will take should the trigger occur and the rules be met. For instance in our example you might want any Support Tickets opened where the inbound email starts with "support" to be moved to the Support Department in a specific Queue, along with sending the customer an automatic response detailing the state of this Support Ticket.


Once you have defined the Trigger, Rules and Actions of a Workflow, you can enable it and it will run each time the set criteria is met.