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Create Workflows to start organising your inbound Support Tickets

Using Workflows you can determine how Fortifi will deal with your incoming Support Tickets, setting their Department, Queue, SLA, priority etc.

If you have not created a workflow before then take a look at the article defining How Workfows work.


In this instance you want to create the first workflow using the Workflow Trigger "Ticket Opened"


Give the Workflow a name, type and priority and then define your Workflow Rules.


Typically these will be around the inbound Email address, as you will have multiple email addresses that Customers can send emails to. For instance you might have a Technical Help email address, and an Account Help email address, one for General Support or one for specific usability issues.



Enter the rules you want this Workflow to match in order to run and then define the Actions for this Workflow.


In the actions you can apply an SLA, set a Department and Queue, define a Priority, send Auto Responses and more:


Define the actions that you want this Workflow to take and then Enable the Workflow on the Workflow Settings Page.


You can setup as many Workflows as you want, on each of the Workflow Triggers to start automatically applying attributes to your Support Tickets and segmenting them into the correct Departments and Queues for your Agents